EVA Compound

The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) compound granules that we produce are primarily focused for the footwear industry in Egypt. These compounds are suitable for high quality foamed injection molded slippers, sandals, shoes, mid-soles.

The EVA compounds that we manufacture are expandable and cross-linkable. We also modify them with rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers so that there is more softness, foam,
tensile-strength, good compression properties and flexibility to the final products.

We choose the best quality of raw materials from internationally well-known companies to ensure the highest quality standards of our products.

We can customize our compounds to meet any special
requirements of our customers. We provide technical support to our customers to ensure that they get the best results from our material.

Typical Injection Molding Conditions:

Barrel Temperature – 90 > 110′ C
Mold Temperature – 160 > 185′ C
Cycle Time – 4 > 8 Minutes

Properties and Applications:

We are the specialist in the production of EVA compound, mainly for EVA slipper, sandal, shoes and soles.
Our premium grade formulas comply with international standards and are updated to suit the latest technology involved in the EVA production.
The plant laboratory and trial machine is equipped to allow high quality control and for adjustment of compounds to any specific requirement.
We can supply a wide range of colours in required hardness and expansion at your request

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