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Two Stations EVA Injection Machine

2 Stations
2 Screws
Servo Motor


1.Low operation height,Operation height in accord with
human engineering
2.Extra height opening stroke
Act by fixed opening stroke: 350mm, which is not affected
by any mould thickness changes and
3.available for 2plates mould,Mould thickness adjusting
Mould adjusting scope: 100-200MM
4.Rapid mould opening ,Act by toggle mechanism which
opens the mould rapidly
5.Speedy injector movement Driven by linear-track,
allowing speedy moving and precise positioning,
Energy saving design
6.No need water circulation for mould station
7.Space saving design,Put oil tank together with injection
base, which makes the structure compact and saves more

Product Description:

Shoe Molds are specifically designed for the foot wear making industries to cater the demands of latest market trend. This range of shoe molds are manufactured by making use of high grade quality materials with the implementation of most advanced casting techniques and tools. These injection moulds are available in one and more color combinations for EVA, TPU, PU, TRP, rubber, phylon and PVC materials.

Rigid design
Precise engineering
Stable dimensions
Rust proof
Durable service life
Impeccable finish

Used for Making:


OEM Custom new design 3D rubber PVC mini shoe accessories
decorations shoelace

Fashion Decorative Slipper Accessories elegant DIY Woman Handmade
Jewelry Flip-flops Buckle Accessories

New design PVC upper for slipper silicone upper for slipper custom
sandal uppers whole sale slipper design PVC strap

Comfortable women's shoes,vamp, fashionable slipper belt

Manufacturer direct sale hardware shoe buckles female shoe fittings
to be able to match sandal