Twenty-Four Stations PCU
Machine V Shape

1.Suitable for flat mold/V-block mold with produce the one color, two color or three color leisure shoe soles, male and female slippers and sandals , air blowing shoes and sport shoes which are made of PVC,TPR,TPU,PP materials.
2.PLC control of industrial man-machine interface and touch screen , easy for operation.
3.High speed electronic ruler and eletronic counting coding technology to acheive precise control of in jection molding machine.
4.It adopts high pressure to lock mould, so that the shoe sole quality will be perfect.
5.Together with electronic control circuit to reduce the waiting time, the production speed can improve quikly and increase production,reduce energy consumption.
6.The oil pump of the motor is outside placed,causing a better radiating effect and thus a longer duration of the machine.



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